Mod Trinidad

Mod Trinidad

IQue Trinidad Hot Tub offers so much for your enjoyment and health. Ergonomically, comfortable seats and a lounge in a variation of depth and height, hydro therapy massage covering the entire body.

It includes king and queen and cool down seats and is the perfect family Hot Tub.

Just enjoy the sound of the waterfall, and you will feel relaxed.Our Hydro Therapy Power Flex Massage System offers so many different massage options, you will feel like just been in a spa resort.

Platinum Series

Que Eden Hot Tub Outdoor Portable Spa is the Paradise, its the perfect Hot Tub. Everything you ever dreamed about is included. Ergonomically, comfortable seats and a lounge in a variation of depth and height. Now, ACU FLEX ZONE also added to Eden Hot tub Outdoor Portable Spa

This beautifully crafted IQue Hot Tub is popular with both family and friends. Comfortably enjoyed up to 5 or 6 persons. Just sit back and let the soothing, bubbling customized massage work its magic on your body. Adding MICROSILK for Health and Beauty and you are really in heaven.

Just imagine a clear cold winter evening, stars shining from the sky and the IQue Hot Tub enhanced lighting in combination with multiple waterfalls, you are now in Paradise.

Mod Tonga

IQue Tonga is a small sized Hot Tub with 5 seats and a lounge

that provides superior comfort. Then the optional therapy is the Chroma-Light in a wide color range. Just relax, and enjoy the sound of the waterfall, and you will feel relaxed. Tonga fits into almost any backyard with itís size of 200×200 cm.

The best thing is that you can enjoy the IQue Hot Tub every single day. To further enhance soaking, add the Bubbler air system with aromatherapy. Upgrade to our new Wipod entertainment System for total relaxation.


IQue Perfect Hot Tubs has always been known for High product quality and innovation.

Our focus is to provide a wonderful hot tub experience through designs that cost less to operate and require the least amount of maintenance.Our  perfect  Hot Tubs spas combine the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

Crystal Clear Water – Comfortable beyond your expectation – Durable – Manufactured by professionals. The Perfect collection of Hot Tubs Outdoor Portable Spa models is very carefully developed.

Perfect hot tubs out door portable spas from IQue come with a Warranty that remains comprehensive and straightforward.

Amazon Pool

The Amazon Pool is the longer, deeper version of the Orinoco Pool. It is a fitness pool available with 3 different performance power settings. In addition you can order as an in ground model.

The Amazon is a larger version of the Orinoco. More than a meter longer and 30cm deeper with an extra 1000 litres water capacity you can really feel the extra space in an Amazon fitness pool. As with the Orinoco the Amazon is supplied with exercise/ rowing kit but is available in 3 different performance power settings, above or in ground.

  • Balboa Controls
  • Overlap Shell finish
  • Waterproof Spa Base
  • Ozone
  • Stand Up Massage Station
  • Exercise Equipment
  • 8 LED crystal water fountains
  • 8 Underwater LED Lights
  • LED Perimeter Lighting
  • LED Controls
  • Exercise Bars
  • Tiled Waterlane
  • Tiled Swimlane
  • Auxiliary Control Panel – Aquadynamic
  • Thermo Pane Foam Insulation
  • 2 Piece Deluxe UL Listed Insulation/Safety Cover
  • Starter Kit


The Olympic 21 is the ultimate Swimspa that brings you the best of both worlds.

The Olympic is the ultimate dual temperature swimspa. Nothing compares to this wonderful home aqua exercise pool and spa combination. We took our most popular spa model (the Constellation Aquadynamic), added it to our bestselling swimspa and the Olympic was born. Fitted as standard with an unequalled list of features, the Olympic is the arguably the best swimspa available today. With LEDs in everything from the jets to the cup holders, 3 waterfalls, 10 fountains, dual controls and over 100 individual hydrotherapy jets, there is nothing missing from this incredible swim spa. New for 2017 the Olympic comes as standard with Bluetooth audio and subwoofer.

  • Dual Balboa Controls
  • Independent Balboa Pool and Spa Controls
  • Full body Massage Lounger
  • Stand Up Massage Station
  • Underwater LED Light
  • LED Jets
  • LED Controls
  • 6 LED Cupholders
  • 10 Crystal Water Fountains
  • 3 LED Pop-Up Trevi Waterfalls
  • 3 LED Cascading Waterfalls
  • Bluetooth audio with subwoofer
  • Swim Lane Jets
  • Tiled Waterline
  • Tiled Swim Lane
  • Ozone
  • Exercise Equipment
  • 3 Exercise Bars
  • Thermo-Pane Insulation with RadiantGuard
  • 4 Piece Deluxe Safety/Insulation Cover
  • Chemical Starter Kit

Mardi Gras

The original space saving and affordable swimspa and party pool featuring the Pro-Swim system and seating for 11.

The Catalina Mardi Gras is the original space saving swim trainer and party Spa. It is an ideal entry level, affordable, garden entertainment centre and aqua gym. It features the Catalina Pro Swim training System which gives you a low-impact, full-body workout that builds muscle, increases endurance and burns calories. This swim trainer provides the same workout as swimming in a regular pool without the need to repeatedly turn! The Mardi Gras is perfect for large groups or parties, with LED underwater lighting, 6 crystal water features and seating for 11 people with 28 relaxing hydrotherapy jets. The Mardi Gras is also our shallowest swimspa and because of this it has a low energy requirement and running cost.

  • Balboa Control System
  • Overlap shell finish
  • Waterproof Spa Base
  • Ozone
  • Underwater LED Light
  • 6 x Crystal Fountains
  • Tiled Swim lane
  • Tiled Waterline
  • Pro-Swim System
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Thermo Pane High Density Foam Insulation
  • 2 Piece Deluxe UL Listed Insulation/Safety cover
  • Chemical Starter Kit

Provence Spa

The Provence is a patio-size spa featuring side “his and her” lounges and seating for up to 4 adults. Its smaller profile makes it ideal for couples looking for a high-performance, luxury spa to fit a compact space. The spa fits through most exterior standard doorways for convenient installation.

  • Seats 4 Adults
  • 6’6″ x 7′ x 35″
  • 43 Jets

Florence Spa

The thoughtful open seat design of this 7’ spa that seats six adults makes it an ideal spa for entertaining friends or spending time with family. With 46 therapy jets and an Atlas® Massage System, it’s also perfect for enjoying a daily 20-minute renewal soak alone.

  • Seats 6 Adults
  • 7′ x 7′ x 36″
  • 46 Jets

Tahitian Spa

Many describe the Tahitian® hot tub as “just right.” Whether you are planning a party or looking to complement your workout routine, the Tahitian spa won’t disappoint. Relax in this model knowing that it’s loaded with hot tub features that you’ll enjoy day-in and day-out.

  • Seats 6 Adults
  • 7′ x 7′ x 36″
  • 46 Jets