Platinum Series

Platinum Series

Que Eden Hot Tub Outdoor Portable Spa is the Paradise, its the perfect Hot Tub. Everything you ever dreamed about is included. Ergonomically, comfortable seats and a lounge in a variation of depth and height. Now, ACU FLEX ZONE also added to Eden Hot tub Outdoor Portable Spa

This beautifully crafted IQue Hot Tub is popular with both family and friends. Comfortably enjoyed up to 5 or 6 persons. Just sit back and let the soothing, bubbling customized massage work its magic on your body. Adding MICROSILK for Health and Beauty and you are really in heaven.

Just imagine a clear cold winter evening, stars shining from the sky and the IQue Hot Tub enhanced lighting in combination with multiple waterfalls, you are now in Paradise.

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